Born in rural Kansas, Uncle Ted began working at the age of 13. Ambitious, he didn’t hesitate to take on whatever jobs he could find. He worked at the local cemetery mowing and grooming the grounds. He made special delivers for the United States Postal Service, set up a shoe shine stand at the local barber shop, and even worked as a press operator for a local newspaper. Then he tried his hand with ranching, running a few head of cattle. But throughout his life music has been the food for soul. He has been playing and singing since he was four or five.

At eighteen he determined that he would play and write songs professionally. After high school graduation Ted formed a band and began playing music in nearby towns, promoting dances. In the 60s Ted met Curly Putman who happened to be working locally. Curley had been in the Navy and was married, so he had responsibilities, but he was also striving to write and perform hit country songs. Curley, with his Gretsch Guitar, sat in and played with Ted’s Band for some Saturday night gigs. Eventually Curley became world famous for his songwriting. He produced such hit songs as My Elusive Dreams, Green, Green Grass of Home, DIVORCE and others, including co-writing He Stopped Loving Her Today. Meeting and performing with Curley Putman was a great source of inspiration and an example for Ted. He follows Curley Putmans words of wisdom, “Write ‘em sad and Sing ‘em lonesome.”

Eventually entertaining became a way of life. After several years of playing with local musicians, and various bands he met his good friend and partner Dennis Tymer who was singing and performing as a single musician. Dennis had a very special voice and was quite popular. Ted and Dennis formed the Tymer Beckley Union. They traveled playing and performing their unique blend of American roots music mixing it with past favorites and ever changing current trends. They were in demand with organizations such as the Elks and many resorts throughout Kansas, Nebraska, North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. They performed from California to Las Vegas, NV to Nashville TN.

Ted married his wife Trudy in 1967 and, with her son Mitch, they traveled the Midwestern states. Ted’s son Matt was born in 1969 and as the responsibilities of parenthood grew ever larger Ted gave up his nomadic life, realizing that traveling the road was not the place to raise a family. Ted and Dennis agreed to dissolve their partnership and in the early 70s embarked on separate careers.

Uncle Ted worked in jobs from house painter to Life and Health Insurance Agent to provide his family with stability. For a time he worked as a Music Keyboard demonstrator and sales manager for a large chain outfit. Always keeping his passion alive, Ted continued writing his songs and in 1974 wrote a patriotic song, DOGGONE IT. After six years, it was released on Fran Record Label in July of 1980 and got a lot of air play reaching fifty-seven in the Billboard Top One Hundred notch.

Uncle Ted spent over twenty years as a heavy equipment operator, building and maintaining the roads and highways of this country; writing songs about his life and experiences along the way. His ex-wife Trudy was living in Kansas she past away in  2004. Ted, retired from Public Works in 2005, to return to his musical roots of being a Songsmith; playing, telling stories and realizing the dreams of his heart.

Currently, Uncle Ted is producing and recording one song at a time. The ten song compilation marks a milestone in modern Americana music. The songs soon will be available for download in two separate CD’s of five songs each.

The first CD is Titled “IT”S TIME TO CHANGE THE PLAN” which is also the first song on the album , followed by “TWEEDLE DEE TWEEDLE DUM”  both new patriotic expressions, and ends with a sincere “COME MAKE A STAND”   an appeal to all American’s to stand up and come together as a people, all race and all faith to defend and protect our Flag, Country and Freedom as we have been privileged to know. The other two songs are”GOLD FEVER”, Arizona Territory historic song about Joseph Walker, Mountain Man. “GRAND CANYON SPECIAL“, a song celebrating the one hundred year history of a  Steam Train, a comunity and  its people who with much work and effort Restored the railway system to the Grand Canyon National Park in in Arizona.

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