November 1, 2012

Uncle Ted New Single:DEAR SANTA 2002


October 15, 2012

Uncle Ted’s New Single:  DOGGONE IT AGAIN

Is now available on

August 27, 2012

Uncle Ted’s New Single:  DOGGONE IT AGAIN

Is now availible on

August 27, 2012:

Uncle Ted’s latest CD.   “IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THE PLAN”,

Is now available on the Listen/Buy tab found on the home page.

1.  IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THE PLAN:  Uncle Ted has a dream about politics. Big Brother, Big  Government with out of control spending and graft that is assaulting and erodeing the very foundations of freedom, Life and Liberty in the United States of America.

2.  GOLD FEVER:  A chance encounter with the Ghost of Joseph Rutherford Walker, trapper, Indian guide, prospector and U.S Army Captain .Walker had a colorful life and is a large part of Arizona territory and western history of the United States.  The song tells of the Walker Party, a group of gold seekers packing their way back into Arizona Mountains, where gold was discovered in 1863. Don’t catch Gold Fever…..

3.  TWEEDLE DEE TWEEDLE DUM: The story of an old man on the street put to song. Voice’s the old man’s wisdom and perspective of our current Political atmosphere and what we as citizens should do to protect our Liberty and Freedom.

4.  GRAND CANYON SPECIAL:  The story of one man and his wife and local town’s people who with much effort and money restored a one hundred year old Steam Train and tracks to the Grand Canyon.  Their efforts put new life in the small town of Williams Arizona. New jobs were created reviving the local economy and saved The Old Steam Train. She’s a great piece of history. The whole world comes to ride, visit and enjoy the Grand Canyon.

5.  COME MAKE A STAND: An adult contemporary, easy listening, patriotic ballad from the heart. Appealing to all American citizens to rally and stand up together for our Flag, country, Constitution and Liberty; only by uniting together can protect our liberties and freedoms and way of life. A loan voice crying out in the wilderness to concerned citizens “Come Make a Stand”.

Uncle Ted has over 30 songs  he has written and are in the process of being recorded. Your support and conntributions will expedite professionally production of more of his songs for your listening pleasure.

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